Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I wish everyone had to take etiquette included

I don't know if it's everywhere or just in Vegas.  It is rare to receive RSVP's for a party. I can't tell you how many people I have called to accept an invitation to find out that only a few actually bothered....they just show up!  

Telephone manners is another big one both on a business level and personal.  I believe that you should use all the "kind" words like thank you and please when dealing with a customer or vendor if possible.  You should give a proper greeting and a proper closing like hello and good-bye.  At home, half the time when Sarah's friends call, they don't tell me who they are let enough say good-bye when they get off the phone!  Really, is this what we are teaching our kids?  

This is really where I wanted to go today though:  How should a child address an adult that is not their relative?  That’s come up quite a bit lately as I’m realizing that Sarah doesn’t really know how to handle it.  I’m sure this comes from my lack of grace in dealing with it myself.  I was brought up in the 70’s and 80’s in the Midwest.  It was our custom to call adults by Mr or Mrs…some adults told me it was ok to call them by their first name, but I ended up not using a name but rather did the “ummmm” to get their attention and then whatever I wanted to ask.  I always imagined the look on my grandmothers face had she heard me address an adult in such a way.  It was only as I recognized that I was an adult myself that I allowed myself to call them by their name.  Some will always remain Mr or Mrs to me.  We have had Sarah call very close friends Aunt or Uncle and no one seems to mind.  That’s safe until you get to all the rest.  Most people these days and in this regional area, would be uncomfortable with being addressed formally. At the same point, it seems to lack some respect to receive a “hey Tish” from a 5 yr old. 

Is it really about respect?  There are many adults whom I hope my child will never esteem or admire. I can't think of anyone, who would want their child to admire Hitler, Mussolini, an immoral celebrity or child molester.  I don’t want to teach my child that all adults are authority figures as it puts her in a vulnerable position.  Unfortunately, our culture suffers not just from a lack of civility and propriety towards adults, but a lack of civility and propriety in general. 

So this is my conclusion.  Sarah needs to address people in a way that is most comfortable to her.  I believe she is a good kid, fully capable of making the best decision that is respectful but careful – and yes, I would step in if she isn’t.  She needs to respect those that deserve respect and stand up against those who do not.  She can avoid calling people by their first names if that is more comfortable for her and I will not push her to do anything else.  It is through these personal choices that we gain knowledge.  

Perhaps I need to go to a current etiquette class and see if things have really changed as much as they seem to have.....

Monday, April 26, 2010

God's Knot

We went to our niece's wedding this weekend.  She is an amazing person.  If it were any other couple I would hesitate to suggest marriage at such a young age these days.  She's a different girl.  She is God filled, and God directed.  I have no input in how she as turned out but I am proud to be in her family.  Her parents have done a great job with these girls and it shows every time we meet. 

Their marriage was charming, beautiful, simple and impactful.  One comment the pastor said during the ceremony sticks with me. It comes from Ecclesiastes.  Two Christians that are bound together in Christ, are stronger than the individuals themselves. Christian marriage is about more than the union of a man and woman. God performs a miracle in our marriage, uniting us together in a covenant relationship with Him as one. The cord of three strands is a symbol of that sacred union created on your wedding day. I love that thought.  I love that my marriage is like a braid, stronger with God to bind us. 

I pray for their bond to be as strong as the braid and to always rely on God to be a part of their marriage. 

Congratulations Allie & Graham

Friday, April 23, 2010

What can we do mom....I'm bored

I know every parent has heard this phrase or a variation of it.  Sarah has a unique disadvantage of living close to only one home that has children close to her age.  Living "outside" a development has it's advantages, but the lack of built in friends, Sarah would say, is not one of them.  Sarah and "the twins" have known each other since Sarah was 4 (kindergarten) and they were 6 (first grade).  Now the age difference is showing but they still manage to find a few things in common.  Today, one of the twins is on an orchestra field trip so we had only one...much different and frankly rather nice not to have 3 girls! (I had forgotten how 3 girls together can be a bit of an issue from time to time!)

The Wii came in quite handy...

I only heard..."mom, we're bored once today" free smileys

Thursday, April 22, 2010

So now it begins

I'm thankful to be selling our house right now.  I know that's kind of backward from where most people expect us to be, but I think it's the right time.  It's the wrong time for making money...we'll be lucky to pull out with our shirts....but we will start a new adventure.  Adventure is good.  We get to step out of ourselves and our comfort zone and start something totally fresh.  We get to "redefine".  I told Sarah the other day that the most interesting thing about starting a new school is you can "redefine" what you want people to see about you.  It occurs to me that Tracy and I can do the same if we so choose.  I imagine we are who we are but it doesn't hurt to give it a shot to try some new things and embrace a new "culture". 

Do you sometime think you may be a bit deluded to believe that you are following a path that no one else can see?  I believe with my whole heart that God has a plan for us that might very well include this time and this move.  The fact that we are planning this move away from family and friends makes it more difficult but definitely not prohibitive.  We will have new friends, meet new people, and meet some family we don't know.  Life has a way of working out....even if it's not the way you had it pictured when you were 10 :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to make the decision.....

The realtor is coming today to look at our house for a client.  It makes me wonder how we will make the decision if we need to go quicker than we plan.  We are going to try to make it through the school year.  It would be difficult to go before, for obvious reasons.  There are some things we could do to finish out the school year...but that's another discussion!  There are so many questions that come up when you finally decide to take that leap.  It's difficult enough when it's within the same state....moving across country makes it even more so!  I decided to make a chart!  Maybe when it's all down in front of me I'll see which way to urge us to go?

Compare Cities: Frisco, TX - Keller, TX

Keller     Frisco
38,082 88,529      Population
34.9 31      Median Age
92.99% 83.23%      Race comparable to our own
19.36% 32.70%      % of people in housing in our range
2 2      Violent Crime
2 3      Property Crime

The education systems are both excellent.  Graduation statistics are similar.  Keller is closer to Ft. Worth. Frisco is closer to Dallas.  Both offer plenty of outdoor activities.  Frisco is closer to Tracy's friends.  Keller is closer to family.  Keller is a much smaller town - plus's and minus's.  Frisco more population possible offers more job opportunities?  Large shopping areas in Frisco.  Small town shopping in Keller. Slightly higher cost of living in Frisco over Keller.  Both are showing similar numbers on religious values (i.e. people who attend church on a regular basis) and political stance.  So, looking at this list, it appears that it's just a question of how we picture our lives in the future.  Tracy and I have differing views based on where we are from.  I was brought up on 11 acres in the middle of nowhere....Tracy was brought up in Los Angeles.  Somehow we will figure out the fit....boy it's difficult!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Our Easter

God has been good to us this year.  We have dealt with a few things I didn't necessarily think were wonderful but I think they are leading us in the direction we need to go.  I've always said you can pray for something but God will give you what you need not always what you want.

We had out usual "bunny adventure" in the morning.  It seems our bunny has quite a sense of humor and always manages to hide eggs over the 1/4 acre front yard.  He also must have been scared a bit by our little puppy friend because he managed to drop a bit of candy all over our front porch!  Sarah thought this was pretty amusing

Then we went off to church...truly an inspiring service.  The church was packed to the rafters, which is rather awesome to see.  When we first moved here it was still a "medium" sized church, but has started to grow quickly these last few years.  They have been very blessed to be able to reach so many people!

Finally we managed to make it over to Mom and Dads house.  It was really nice to leave the cooking to Mom this time.  She made  a wonderful dinner complete with chocolate dipped strawberries that Sarah really enjoyed (believe me, we all did!)   Thanks Mom & Dad.  We are praying that the house sells this summer and next year will be in new home in Texas...hopefully with them visiting us :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Kidlet is Home!!!!

You would think that a week of "freedom" would be wonderful.  Don't get me wrong it was really nice to come home late, kick my feet up, and think of dinner's that were mom and dad friendly :)  Sarah went camping with grammy and grampy and now she's home.  We are taking advantage of having her spend a lot of time with them right now, so that when we move (yes, I am thinking positively) she will have been able to build up some memories until the next time.  We missed seems she grew a whole inch while she was gone!