Thursday, February 25, 2010

Scolarships and Grants

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This weekend I spoke with a parent from our private school and she is looking at grants and scholarships. She said something interesting. "We don't really have to worry because we have our minority status."

It's true. My caucasian kid is at a disadvantage and there's nothing I can do about that part of it. Maybe I can find some hidden minority genetics I'm not aware of in order to get the grants and scholarships for her.

You might be wondering why I should worry about this issue 5-6 years ahead of it being an issue, but I'm a bit of a planner. I wonder if they will consider her a minority by the time she hits college? Caucasians may be a minority of the population by then.

As everyone is aware, we are planning to make it out of the Nevada school system before Sarah goes to high school if possible. I can't imagine we are at any kind of an advantage educationally. In fact, my guess is that we are very far behind. Maybe we can get some kind of grant for having to deal with a "disadvantaged" school system!

Just thinking.....
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can I Get Out Of Here Yet?

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I've become convinced that we should move out of Vegas. It's not a good place for bringing up Sarah. I would love to go back to California but I'm fairly sure we can't afford it in the areas we would like to go. It's difficult to think about moving when we live close enough to Tracy's parent and sisters now, but won't if we take off in a new direction. My parents will go where we do. I'm not sure they want to but they will to be near us. We've made friends here. There is a much larger Christian community than I would ever have guessed here in Vegas. Until this year, I didn't love Sarah's education but I didn't hate it. Now, I hate it. I understand public education is what it is but I swear she has learned very little this year and is still having a rough time. It concerns me that we will have to start her in a place that has a better education system. Sarah actually offered to go back a year in school if we moved. She wants desperately to move out of Las Vegas. It seems sad that even a 6th grader sees what we see. We've been seriously talking about putting the house up for sale for just a little over what we owe, just to get out of here. We are looking at Texas for various reasons. Many of those reasons revolve around the education and social environment. I wish we had input but hesitate to bring too much up until we are sure. Hmmm, rambling today. Maybe I need to focus?
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Monday, February 22, 2010

A Prayer for Direction

We started this discussion on my profile on Facebook and I just wasn't feeling comfortable with it being out there until decisions were made so I'll place it here for "comment"....

A couple of weeks ago Tracy prayed for direction. I don't know the exact words of the prayer, but I know that he told God to take our lives in His hands and do what He thought was best for our lives. It was the next day that Tracy got laid off work. We are not sad...God is taking us in a direction.

We've been talking for the last 4 years about making a move out of the state. I've been feeling like Texas was feeling like a fit for our values and life style. We loved living in Southern California, but based on the current work and housing environment it seems unwise to return.

If we do leave Las Vegas, we are looking for a great place to be for a really long time. I want family close. Sarah needs family. I would like great school systems and great local colleges for her to attend. It has been too much to ask for in Nevada. It can't be too much to ask where we end up. Tracy needs to find work that feeds his soul...and his family. Do I want to go back to full time work...not really. I think it is even more important that I am there every day after school making sure she always know we are there and paying attention. I'm smart enough, I'll find some way to keep being a wife and mom at home as much as possible. They deserve that.

Will we move on or will we stay...I'm not sure but I guess I'm looking for pro's and con's. I think God will show us a path but we get to choose, because that's we were are given: free will

Thank you God
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

My crazy ways to get extra money in crazy times

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I guess I'm like a lot of people these days.  I'm always trying to find ways to save on things I do everyday. I generally cook from scratch and use my online cookbooks to remind me to use all the leftovers.  I shop online sites for clothing for the kidlet, find discounts and  coupons for things we want or need online, buy everything I can on sale, go to the dollar stores and price out oftentimes online before we purchase.  I'm not always on top of things but I'm trying.  The swagbucks is only one of many ways I'm using to get rebates for things I use already.  I love if I'm purchasing online.  The will give me a percentage back on things I purchase anyway and give me a check back for it.  Do you have ways of saving?
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