Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seeing Where it's All Going....

This is a picture of Sarah last month...just 2 months before her 14th birthday.  I used to hear my folks tell me how fast the time goes and truthfully, when I was her age it didn't seem fast at all!  Now, I get it.  I still remember rocking her to sleep at night, reading her to sleep when she got a bit bigger, and wiping away quick tears when she fell. 

I've started to think about what is going to happen when she's done with high school and makes some life choices.  I hope we are always close.  I hope we have forged the type of relationship that she can look back on with some happiness.  I love my mom but we aren't exactly what anyone would say is "close".  Maybe I don't really know how to explain close but when she's grown I'd like for Sarah to call me from time to time just to talk about her life.  I have promised myself that I won't be intrusive but I hope she will feel like including us in her happiness and sadness. 

There are so many dreams you have when you are expecting a baby.  As time goes on, you see the person they are becoming and start to dream about what they might do with their lives.  Right now, I'm thinking about my once little girl that is starting to show who she will be as a woman...and I really like her

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