Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update on life

I guess it's been a while since I posted.  It seems that my boring little life is really quite busy.  I say boring, not because I'm bored but because truthfully we just live life!  Tracy's been working crazy hours so Sarah and I have been doing a lot together.  This is both good and bad when you are talking about a 13 yr old and an "almost" 50 yr old mom.  We are getting along pretty well but there are definitely days when we could use space and there is none to give! 

Sarah is becoming such an individual!  It's the one thing I'm happy to see come back out from our trial year of homeschool.  I feared all the silliness and fun had been weeded out with the trying to fit in to "school" the last couple of years.  Thankfully, there she is!  So far I am sure this is the right thing to do this year.  Anyway, poor Tracy is working himself crazy trying to keep us doing life.  He seems to be enjoying it, crazily enough.  Oops, need to get going or we'll never make it to church!  Life is good