Thursday, September 29, 2011

Vocabulary game....

Some days are just not great work day!  Sarah is trying to look all cute and diligent but there are just going to be days when none of us are at our you can see Flash is doing his best to help the situation :)  Needless to say we aren't being very productive today.  Sarah has been telling Flash (or Muppy as we lovingly call him) stories using her vocabulary words.  She has created a character called Billy Joe and is taking him on some crazy adventures with her new found vocabulary game.  Flash is enjoying it too!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day!

Wow, what an awesome weekend!  We have been blessed to meet some great people recently.  We went out on Saturday for a day trip on their house boat to grill and hang out in one of the coves with their friends.  I have never had this type of experience before.  We've gone a lot of places but I didn't realize that so much was almost in our backyard.  It was amazing how beautiful Lake Mead is.  I've been out there before but I've never really enjoyed the beauty of the place.  There is so much more than just floating in the water...which I enjoy by the way.  There is such a community of souls that enjoy the lake.  They dock their boats together...hang in the same circles...and play in such a genuine and fun way. They are a collection of diverse individuals and each one was accepting of everyone else.  I wish you could see how beautiful the lake is and the trip down the Colorado toward the Grand Canyon (still not enough water to make it down the entire way, but we got to see some great formations)  So, I didn't have a shower for a few days...had only our bathing suits and the clothes we were wearing - since our plan was to go home the same day....and we had a fabulous time and met some great people.  Life is good!