Sunday, April 17, 2011

It has been awhile....

I feel so busy and yet so relaxed.  My little savings page Freebies, Great Deals, and Swag Bucks is taking off a little on facebook now.  I started posting there January 14th....for some reason, I've been keeping mental track of the date, which is surprising since I rarely remember dates without a calendar :)  It is actually a lot more "work" than I thought it would be.  I was doing it originally just for fun because I was finding all these great deals and I didn't have much of anyone to share them with.  Now it takes at least 4 hours a day to make sure the day is full and I have enough of what people might be looking for.  Why is it I always do more than anyone would ask me to do!  Lucky for me I found someone I knew from Recipezaar that is willing to throw on some great deals when she finds them too.  She was doing the same thing I was on Facebook....just putting them out there, so when that works out it's MUCH easier!  That's basically my "work" now...and I don't get paid for it so I have to enjoy it! 

My work work is gone for the most part.  I started unemployment two weeks ago.  Believe me when I tell you that $298 will not take you very far.  Seriously wondering how we will survive but I have to take it on faith that a door will open.  Tracy says he enjoys coming home to a happy wife, dinner and my new found calmness.  I guess the stress of knowing I would lose the job was starting to become a background strain I wasn't really aware was changing my innate happiness.  Now, at this moment I would say I don't mind if I go back to work for awhile....not that I won't, but that I'm not minding having some time to breath and enjoy the great weather, and happy family life. We'll see how I feel this week when my folks take Sarah on spring break with her friend and I'm on my own most of the week....well maybe not since it's Tray and my birthdays, so we'll try to do something with each other one day...but mostly on my own.  I'm thinking about teaching myself web design and HTML for fun.  Unfortunately so far, my mind isn't wrapping it's way around it but I think I can get it if I can focus!

On a funnier note, Sarah has her first (and second) two piece bathing suit!  I had a hard time letting her do it but she's 12 and an impossible fit for most one piece bathing suits right now since she's so darn tall and skinny. I'm starting to wonder if she'll hit 100 lbs by high school but it's possible as puberty hits I suppose :)  We got her one with a regular thick strap bikini top and short, and one surf shirt and shorts.  I let her try on a "regular' bikini and sorry...but not yet.  She looked far more grown up than we needed! 

I need to get breakfast started and get ready for church.  So little time :)