Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day....and then life goes on!

Christmas Eve we were blessed by being able to take some friends with us to services.  We have been taking mom and the two kids with us on the weekends the last month or so.  It was really wonderful that the older daughter and dad were able to go with us this time.  Dad recently had to take a job as a long haul trucker in order to make ends meet since the construction industry is dead in Vegas.  He went from a stay at home dad (on unemployment) to almost always on the road.  It's been quite a transition for the family so we have tried our best to be there for them.  I have been very thankful to be able to have them this week to help make cookies and cut out snowflakes for our decorations! 

Mom & Dad bought Sarah a cute little sweater dress so of course we had her wear it to church :)  Getting this kid in a dress is difficult so I'll take every opportunity!  Note her hair is still dark but at least it has gone down to a pretty brown.  I've decided to just go with it and see what happens....definitely not dying it blonde! 

Christmas was sparse this year and I didn't mind at all!  I actually had an iPhone app where I kept track of our Christmas present expenditures and stayed on budget.  That was a new concept for me.  Sarah knew we were going to be paring down this year so she wasn't expecting much.  We told her, even though she is very aware of "santa", that santa wouldn't probably bring as much this year.  Still, we managed to keep one surprise in the shed until Christmas morning!  Tracy had done some extra work this year for a friend that made it possible to get the one thing she really wanted....

So life is good and now we go back to the routine....well almost, since Sarah still has a week left of vacation until we go back to the school schedule.  She is going with Grammy and Grampy camping.  I'm sure she will be terribly bored this time of the year but it's better than staring at me at work all day!  God bless to all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Last Day of School Before Christmas Break!

The Christmas orchestra concert was adorable.  The kids all played their holiday renditions with nervous excitement.  I might try and post the video here if I can get it to work.  Needless to say, we were very happy to have all the Christmas music practice finished with!  Sarah has been practicing 45 minutes almost daily for awhile in order to be perfect.  This was quite cute since she had to put her phone on speaker so that one of her best buddies and she could practice "together". 
Today is the last day of school before Christmas break (I refuse to say "holiday" break).  They had spirit week so every day you have to wear a specific item or color.  Today it was a Santa hat.  Luckily we have one at the house so of course we had to Santa out with our mid calf black tossle boots and festive sweater with the hat!  She looked adorable and was so ready to go to school in order to be done with it :)

Can you see the happiness?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's finally feeling like Christmas

Life has been interesting around here lately with each of us getting sick as one got well!  We are finally starting to all feel better, so this weekend was time to decorate for Christmas. 
I wish I could say I'm excited for the holidays.  This year, with the budget tightened up, I have to remind myself it is not about what you can buy but how we spend our time together!  I am hoping to create a day of thankfulness and good all I have to do is figure out the menu :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

I love to share blessings!

We have friends that are having a "surprise" child.  They have one Sarah's age and now are expecting their miracle.  I say miracle because they were let to suspect that they could not have a child on their own again.  My first response...and they one I still hold, is that God has a plan for this child and his family!

I helped throw the baby shower this weekend.  I can't even imagine trying to gear up after 12 years!  They need everything and WOW, their friends and neighbors really pitched in.  I am so thrilled that even in today's economy we can all get together and do what it takes to really welcome this little guy.  I can't wait to meet him and see what the future will bring :)