Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time Marching On

Sarah turned 11 last week.  We decided it was time to let her have that puppy she's been working on us for since we think she may be able to help out a bit now.  She's been pretty awesome. We ended up searching all of Vegas for the perfect puppy only to find a family in Craigslist that had boxer puppies.  We walked in and there were only 3 of the 6 puppies left and one came right up and looked up at us....our puppy found us!  He's a cute little guy.  I didn't anticipate getting another male dog but when we saw him there was no option.  It seems you can't plan the sex of your family members .  I had forgotten how much work a little puppy can be!  He's sweet but at 7 weeks now, is not potty trained and is not necessarily always interested in going outside...good thing we have slate floors in the living room and kitchen!  Tracy and I are sharing the night duty but sleeping out on the couch and taking him out every couple of hours or so, so that the other can have a good nights sleep.  It's almost like having a new baby.  I'm not complaining.  Flash is a good puppy and is starting to even get Buster to deal with him a little bit .  I even found Buster teasing the puppy a little bit this morning so I guess they are finally becoming friends.  I should get to work but wanted to share a few pictures of our new addition!