Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It Isn't Always What It Seems....

It’s funny how people build up things in their minds where there isn’t anything.
Did you know the girls that had to fight when three of them got together or the boys that ultimately had to find a fight when they were together?  I tended to avoid those people as a kid...and I still do.  Recently we were hanging out with some friends and mentioned that we were going to a party given by one of Tracy’s ex-girlfriends.One of the people there was very surprised that I would “let” Tracy go, given that there had been a relationship.
I have to admit to being surprised.I thought it funny that anyone thought I should worry after over 20 years.  I suppose some people have to worry but it never occurred to me to give it a thought.   Tracy and I have an incredible relationship…better than the fairy tales.  We have a real life great friendship love that will last a lifetime.  I can’t imagine a life without him.I don’t think he can imagine one without me either.
Getting back to my confusion….his ex is a lovely lady.  She’s really a kind and open person willing to help anyone in need from what I can figure out.  She’s not evil…she has no designs on my husband and in fact has a wonderful family of her own.  It wasn’t always so easy on me but the years have definitely made it clear.  When we first met I think her friends were confused with how they were supposed to deal with us and weren’t at their friendliest but it evolved the way things do given time.  I don’t even blame them.In fact I actually get it.I feel protective of my friend’s feelings and I would probably be unsettled by the friendship thinking maybe there were residual feelings but it was never that way.
Everyone was so friendly! We went to the party – a 5 hour drive there and had a wonderful time.  I hadn’t been to one of these annual parties although I had tried to make it a couple of times.I think the ex must have thought I had some issue with her but I think that’s only because we have really never got to know each other.  Anyone who knows me realizes I just don’t have it in me to deal with jealousy.It just seems crazy to me.  If I wasn’t in a place where I believed in this man we would never have been married let alone gone to a party.I hope she knows now that everything is wonderful and we are good.I’m kind of funny that way.
We slept that night in their little boy’s room and went home the next morning.I don’t know that I will go every year but it was a lovely time and we really enjoyed the visit.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've moved!

I used to have my blog here if you wonder what it was all about before :)